Wednesday, April 17, 2013

End of Mini Baker

Dear readers and followers, I am sad to announce that this blog is coming to an end as I will not be blogging here anymore. However, my interest for fishing will never die and I hope to share this passion with the next love of my life.
I will not delete this blog as some may find useful information inside. I shall leave it as it is..

Thank you for reading and following my blog since the guys are the best!!

Cheers & tight lines!~~~~~~~~
Sharon(a.k.a maygumi)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fishing at Big Splash@ East Coast

Had some light fishing at a nearby Jetty. Caught nothing but some bait fish. Packed up and left around 11plus as the sun got too unbearable. Also tried our luck at the paypond near the carpark. We paid $14 each for a sure catch rod. No luck wth the salt water pond so both of us switched to the freshwater side. See pics below, Mike caught a 2 kilo plus pacu while I caught a catfish (ikan keli).

Below are those little bait fish caught at the jetty.  Gonna keep it for future use..btw we released the beautiful diamond wrass. Oh yes, I almost caught a large flower crab but it got off my hook just before I could land it..urghhh!

It was only after 10pm Mike was able to reach home to clean the fish from the ice box. Guess what? ? The catfish is still alive!!!!!!!?????

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outrageous Cat 2

Did a similar post years back. Both cats are so usual this cat couldn't care much of people walking past and just want to enjoy it's wonderful  booze..also notice it has such beautiful spots on the soft belly.. so cute:)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Anglers Beware!

Took a walk at punggol promenade yesterday afternoon and saw something really incredible. Look at the pic and u will know..

Lonely tortoise

Plenty of catfishhhhh!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sumptuous Dinner Add on 15 Apr 2012

Finally went down to punggol prawning with mike.Caught 31 prawns in 2 hours using 2 rods. Brought the prawns over to his sister's house to add on for dinner. It so happened they were having porridge for dinner and the prawns really add sparkle to the dinner hahaha..Mike cooked the prawns in ketchup. The result?? Sumptuoulicious!!!

So happy cooking

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Punggol Prawning again 08 Apr 2012

Erm..i went to the same punggol pond myself again. Haven't been to the same prawning spot twice in a week for a long time actually. The temptation to go back there was too strong so left my poor niece by herself with my mum after lunch. My sis out shopping wth bro in law and I got my mum to get up from her afternoon nap to look after her. Assigned my niece some coloring task and sneaked away. Took a cab down to the pond with guilty..poor niece.Callie if you happen to read this post, now u know why I made you colour so many pics..
It was fruitful and i caught more than double I got from previous trip hahah..

What a sight..
Btw.. patin pond was packed today. Numerous fish were hauled up continuously like crazy. I would have give a go if mike was here with time maybe

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hai Bin Punggol Prawning 06 Apr 2012

One man operation today....Mike is still in Shenzhen, coming back at midnight. Can't wait anymore so I went prawning by myself. Took bus no.3 which took me abt 45mins and alighted at punggol field then walk a mere 5mins to the venue. I followed the direction from google app in my galaxy s2 and was surprised how reliable it is..hee hee.
It was abt 3.15pm when I reached the place and it was already packed with people by then, probably due to public holiday today. I found an empty slot and quickly dump my bag at the chair to `reserve' the spot and went to the counter to buy the hours. Paid $33 for 3 hours + $2 on worm bait. Caught 13 prawns in total which I find is considered bad catch rate. It was ok in the begining but I don't know why the prawns stop biting half way through.:( Anyway it was fun and I caught 2 very big prawns (refer pics later).
Already this packed when I arrived

New tiger prawn pond

Can u find where the prawn is?

Visible patin..surprised not many people playing at the patin pond..

Quite impressed with this beer dispenser

Just next to the pond

Also got pool

Long queue..must come and try next time
Display tank
Big vs small
Total catch 13 only!
All trimmed & ready for cooking!

Ta daa~~~(Caught those little crab myself too lol..)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prawning at D'Kranji 10 Mar 2012

Seems like today is a gd day to prawn. Got 45 prawns in 3hrs wth 2 rods. It was raining when we arrived and the rain got heavier but we cud'nt care much and got started right away. Funny the prawns seem to enjoy the rain and we striked almost immediately. We started around 5pm ended till 8pm. A couple friend Jinlong & KayE came to join us (lucky..if not how the 2 of us gonna eat so many prawn) and we tried our hands at the $4 patin pond but wth no luck:) An indian guy who fish there gave us one of his patin and we thought of cooking the fish at the nearby restaurant. Walked there but to realise the kitchen is closed:( We had no choice but to return the fish to that kind indian guy..he is still there trying to get more patin..

We ended the day having our late dinner back at east side. So tired already..the day ended well:)

Rude prawn..

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Prawning at East Coast 03 Mar 2012

Had the worse prawning experiance ever! Caught only 5 miserable prawns in 3hrs wth 2 rods! Not going to elaborate advise to all..GO AT YOUR OWN RISK! Did a quick online check and found out most of it has negative feedbacks.. I won't be going back there in future..

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Prawning at D'Kranji Farm 14th Jan 2012

Well you can tell I really like prawn fishing as I had 2 posts continuously.  Prawning is really fuss free. You don't worry about things like using own equipments or transporting your catch back because you can decide to cook and eat it there. Sometimes I just gave up my catch to somebody if I got plans later.
Went again last sat. Used left over 3hrs balance from previous time. Me & mike had a rod each for 2hrs..bit rate was ok and we caught 30 prawns. The boss was friendly enough to offer us some baby guppies to use as bait when Mike asked him for some. Haha lucky!I like the way how mike set up the fire for the prawn. He must have pickup the skill during his scouting days.
It was fun seeing all the prawns got cooked so quickly..i ended up having too much prawn that i got sick on my last few..but the meat was good and I thought this would be the best way to cook it.

Doesn't look many right? But it was really 30 there.

Nice fire