Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prawn Fishing

Since this is my 1st post, lets start with something yummy...
Ahh prawn fishing.. I caught those from Pasir Ris pond at Pasir ris town park. Thanks to my bf who got me hooked to it.
Tried there couple of times but not all the trips were fruitful. With our combined force in 2hrs, u can say we are lucky to be able to catch 20 or more. Mike is not a prawn lover so all the prawns usually ended up with me..fortunately I have a greedy sister who is more than willing to wipe out all my catch.. pics below were taken from different occasions.

Arranging them from big to small...they were our 1st catch,8 prawns only for 2hrs!!! Pathetic!!!

2nd trip, slightly better cudn't remember how many but def more than 10. My bf Mike took some back. They were actually still moving...

I think this thick ketchup way is most delicious right?

I tried cooking in dark soy sauce but I still prefer eating the ketchup version.

This is the biggest I ever caught and i am so proud of it. Too bad I forgot to scale it. The girl sitting next to me was shocked when i caught it. She must be thinking I am so lucky to catch this size becus my line was very near to her and I fish it out in less than a minute. So lucky:D

When I reached hm, I waited for my sis to come back late from work(she works in bank) so I can cook this sinful dish for her. See the claws?I can imagine they were still moving. Do u know there were actually flesh in it? Amazing..

Voila! (well fed fingers belong to my sis)

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