Friday, June 19, 2009

A grunt of luck

If you are wondering when I can start catching a decent it goes! A Javelin Grunter finally!
I caught 2 juvenile grunters each 6'' & 4''inches at pasir ris beach during a night time. I suddenly caught sight of my rod tip twitching madly. I began to tighten my reel tension and pulled hard before reeling in super fast. The feeling was abit unusual(i was expecting catfish again) and I thought my line had 'sungkut' while reeling halfway. I reduced speed incase the rod snap and then suddenly I felt it shaking again! Without 2nd thoughts, I reeled up furiously dying to know what was fighting beneath! With some effort, I finally land the creature safely on the rock.
An a beginner, I dunno what fish it was..meanwhile Mike who was guarding his rod on other end hurried to my side to help me unhook the fish and also wondering what it was. After some research back at home, came to know the specie is called Javelin Grunter!
Can't remember taking any pic but see another Grunter pic below on another day I caught at the same place. The smaller 1 is a Goatee Croaker. Sweet!

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