Friday, June 19, 2009

Pics of Past Catch

My first few catch was a disappointment..becus I caught only catfish..well it is common right?  But seeing a good fish hanging at the end of your line is certainly beyond words!

Can you guess the specie of the half eaten fish above? It is a Silver Biddy! I was too eager to taste the meat and forgot to take a pic before cooking. This cutie was caught during 11am at the east coast near jumbo seafood restaurant.

I got the actual fish photo from the internet for remembrance..i want more biddy:B

These are baby Ang Goh Li or called Treadfin. We caught at a secluded coral reef very near to Changi Naval Base. I finally remember to snap a few pics before they were sent to the steamer. I didn't catch it though...these were caught by our friend, Gab who stood stubbornly under the scorching sun with so much determination. Mike only caught few puffer fish and one ungrateful fish bit me while I was trying to unhook it.. I got startled and sent it flying in the air before it landed on the water with a loud splash. I was more in shock than in pain actually hahaha... Puffer fish got parrot-like beaks that are powerful and even have the ability to sever your fingers! Luckily, the bite was minor and there was not much bleeding.
Puffer fish, I am not going to touch you for a long time...

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