Thursday, July 30, 2009

Return of the Trumpeters

Mike just bought me a new pack of 100pcs tamban hook to play with. No prize for guessing what I am going to do with it..yes catch more trumpeters and i succeeded! We caught 9 in total but 1 fat fish escaped from Mike's hand after he unhooked it..lucky fish! Overall, I hope this fish will taste good and we plan to fillet the fish to cook steamboat with it..slurp!
Also caught 1 fat whiting (placed below trumpeters), will use it as bait for other fish next time.

More fun with tamban hook

Yes I am hooked.. with tamban hook (pun intended!). They work like magic! You never know what you gonna get. Caught these cute tripod fish at pasir ris beach day time. I have fun arranging them on my cutting board..the 1 extreme right is looking at the camera eye..
If you are wondering whether they are edible, Gab told me I can actually cook them with bean paste and they are good to eat. Also have to remove leathery skin before deep fry them. I like bean paste method and will try it soon!

More Trumpeter

Can't believe it.. these creatures seem attracted to my tamban hook and they got themselves hooked pretty fast. I got a small goatee croaker (left in pic) which I plan to 'pang seh' but unfortunately this croaker swallowed my beloved tamban hook(I m running out of hook!) deep which left us no choice but to cut the mouth in order to save my hook. We decided to keep the fish so he can die in honour!
Also caught some small kekek/pony fish but I discarded back to sea becus they were too small to be eaten, I dunno why they are so slimy and they squeaked loudly while I unhook them..eek!

New Species

Caught something different this time.. got this six-lined Trumpeter with a size4 tamban hook. This must be a juvenile as the black spot at the head is still visible. Did some research and found out this specie fall under the grunter family. Wasn't expecting this fish but maybe he got hooked due to his small mouth? Quite cute fish..wonder how it taste like??

Monday, July 27, 2009

Previous catch at Pasir Ris Beach

As a newbie, I haven got enough strength to cast so Mike does it all the time for me. I do other chores like setting up my own rod, shelling prawns, baiting and reeling back my own rod. The followings are our recent catch at pasi ris beach.

Beautiful sunset pic taken at 7.05pm..deserted beach??
Can you see what specie is this?? Pomfret? Snapper?

The answer is GT (Giant Travelly)!
So surprised to catch this fella on the beach esp they are considered big game fish. GT is the largest of the Caringidae/Jack family, reaching sizes over 200lb. It is still a juvenile as you can see it from our small coleman icebox. We put it in an abandoned pail we found and filled it with seawater to keep alive. See video below.

Mike caught this GT while I caught nothing decent that day..catfish doesn't count right? I released back to the sea anyway. We had zero catch after the GT so headed back at 2++am. So tired already..dragged my feet while carrying heavy barang barang to the toilet to wash our rods.

Another night, I finally I have better luck with my new 9ft penn rod that Mike bought for me (tks dear). I caught 1 Ang Zho Kee and 1 female flower crab. The smaller AZK was caught by our friend Gab and he gave it to me heheh..

I am not a fish fan so I chose to eat the crab first. It was full of small barnacles and I got hard time trying to scrap it off with a knife. The effort was worthwhile and you can see the roe! Came to realised it is very salty compared to those we bought from markets. Are those in markets reared? Thought they were caught from sea also..weird.

Gab with his sharp eyes, spotted a school of baby eeltail catfish swimming very near to the shore line. Mike found a discarded plastic tray to catch it for a further investigation. Managed to catch 1 and were right about it. The amazing thing is despite being such small sized, they already have venomous spine on the fin just like the adults! We even snipped 1 spine off just to confirm. Mike even suggest we should destroy the whole school to prevent more bait stealer in future. Couldn't agree much but since nobody know how to do it, we aborted the idea to carry on with our fishing. Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting discovery.

At another starry night..

Mike caught 1 small goatee croaker and me 1 big swa jiam..that was all for the night. when can we have another GT again??

Another night..

Mike landed a good size kuku/toad fish while me 2 grunters(notice the eyes resemble poppy plastic eyes you get from spotlight store)! I would like to catch an adult grunter one day(adult will has no spots on body). Fighting adult size would be more fun. Hope I can land one pretty soooon..

Also see kuku video below..dun tink he look very pleased..

Mike cooked his kuku (no dirty thoughts!) with asam flavoured instant noodles and according to him, the kuku taste like frog meat! I love eating frog meat and I will not hesitate to try it on our next catch!