Sunday, August 30, 2009

Changi Beach

It has been some time since we last fish due to Mike's tight schedules and the wet season lately(still raining nw). Our frozen prawns which are tucked in some dark corner of our freezer have no chance to see some light..
We finally seize the golden opportunity for some action last night. This time we try a new spot somewhere at changi beach. We usually go there to "pak tor" after our dinner and will see alot of malay families fishing there. This place is always lively with alot of kids running around. There is a van selling all kinds of refreshments like buns, crackers, can drinks.

Reached there around 9++pm and was low tide. Were surprised to see only a few malay families there. Fasting month maybe? Eager to start, we set up our equips with quick hands and hope for the best.
Unfortunately, our big rods did not even twitch one bit for the next few hours and we were feeling really bored. There is nothing we can do except going around checking our rods and changing baits. Nothing still! To add salt to wound, radio we brought also didn't work.

I salvaged the day by 2 flower crabs, as I said small hook is handy when you catch none with big hooks. We packed our stuffs and left at 1.30am. I quite like the place except the low catch rate or maybe due to low tide??..Mike said he might not want to come back here anymore. See how next time..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stomach my catch

Been waiting to see how trumpeter and todak from our previous catch taste like. So now is time to enjoy fruit of our labour!

Sliced trumpeter for steamboat
Fried version that taste like kunning
Not forgetting the todak..(missing head in steamboat soup)

I got biddy finally

I dreamt of Biddy last night so the moment I woke up from my ooze, i grabbed my fishing bag and newly bought Daiwa spin to the beach ready for a go. I decided to use tamban hook again this time to try out my luck. Quite happy to catch these lot within an hour. As the beach is getting hotter by noon time, I quickly pack my stuffs to go home. So glad the tamban hook didn't fail me this time:)

When I got home, I started cleaning the fish before putting them in the freezer. They looked horrible without their skin! I managed to rip off the leathery skin without doing much damage to the meat..good,they can reunite with their same kind in the freezer.
Now I have time for my biddies
Gonna eat them now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Double unhappiness

You know what I dread..catfish. And I had to hooked 2 up in a go.
Total catches at pasir ris
4 catfish - cnr
2 whiting - Mike use as bait
1 useless glass fish - cnr
2 big tripod - keep
1 puffer - cnr

Gab donated the smaller tripod to my collection.
All were caught with this 3 apollo rigs. As my magic tamban hook failed me the last round, I bought a slightly bigger size this time. Because the hooks are small, I have to use a normal 30pd fishing line to tie instead of my usual 12pd dupont leader, still works. Small hooks can provide instant fun if you get nothing with big hooks sometimes.

Handline surprise

We went to east coast beach again and got a real big surprise this time. Didn't know hand line can be so much fun.
We caught nothing except pest or other small fishes until we felt quite bored so Mike asked a guy name peter who was fishing there also for a live prawn to use for our handline. Soon Mike spotted a todak/hound needle jetting around our float without knowing it had already swallowed our prawn! Fortunately, the hook had set in deep and we didn't have much problem pulling it up. We tried to keep it 'fresh' in the sea but was dead by then. Peter told us that cnr for todak is usually very short because they are badly injured by the hook which they often swallowed deeply. With some effort, I managed to coil the todak neatly in our tiny ice box(forgot to take pic).
That whole night I caught nothing but insignificant species. No trumpeters that magic tamban hook failed dunno why:(

Pest I mentioned(look like popper lure)..this bugger bit off my tamban hook later!