Sunday, August 30, 2009

Changi Beach

It has been some time since we last fish due to Mike's tight schedules and the wet season lately(still raining nw). Our frozen prawns which are tucked in some dark corner of our freezer have no chance to see some light..
We finally seize the golden opportunity for some action last night. This time we try a new spot somewhere at changi beach. We usually go there to "pak tor" after our dinner and will see alot of malay families fishing there. This place is always lively with alot of kids running around. There is a van selling all kinds of refreshments like buns, crackers, can drinks.

Reached there around 9++pm and was low tide. Were surprised to see only a few malay families there. Fasting month maybe? Eager to start, we set up our equips with quick hands and hope for the best.
Unfortunately, our big rods did not even twitch one bit for the next few hours and we were feeling really bored. There is nothing we can do except going around checking our rods and changing baits. Nothing still! To add salt to wound, radio we brought also didn't work.

I salvaged the day by 2 flower crabs, as I said small hook is handy when you catch none with big hooks. We packed our stuffs and left at 1.30am. I quite like the place except the low catch rate or maybe due to low tide??..Mike said he might not want to come back here anymore. See how next time..

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