Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Handline surprise

We went to east coast beach again and got a real big surprise this time. Didn't know hand line can be so much fun.
We caught nothing except pest or other small fishes until we felt quite bored so Mike asked a guy name peter who was fishing there also for a live prawn to use for our handline. Soon Mike spotted a todak/hound needle jetting around our float without knowing it had already swallowed our prawn! Fortunately, the hook had set in deep and we didn't have much problem pulling it up. We tried to keep it 'fresh' in the sea but was dead by then. Peter told us that cnr for todak is usually very short because they are badly injured by the hook which they often swallowed deeply. With some effort, I managed to coil the todak neatly in our tiny ice box(forgot to take pic).
That whole night I caught nothing but insignificant species. No trumpeters that night..my magic tamban hook failed dunno why:(

Pest I mentioned(look like popper lure)..this bugger bit off my tamban hook later!


  1. is this peter guy someone in his 40s, thin with a balding head?

  2. he is arnd 40, quite plump, thick hair n got slight moustache if i can remember..