Friday, August 14, 2009

I got biddy finally

I dreamt of Biddy last night so the moment I woke up from my ooze, i grabbed my fishing bag and newly bought Daiwa spin to the beach ready for a go. I decided to use tamban hook again this time to try out my luck. Quite happy to catch these lot within an hour. As the beach is getting hotter by noon time, I quickly pack my stuffs to go home. So glad the tamban hook didn't fail me this time:)

When I got home, I started cleaning the fish before putting them in the freezer. They looked horrible without their skin! I managed to rip off the leathery skin without doing much damage to the meat..good,they can reunite with their same kind in the freezer.
Now I have time for my biddies
Gonna eat them now!

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