Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We caught GT again!!!!

We thought it is almost impossible to catch another one again since our 1st during june. But we did it again!
Mike picked me up 1st at 6.45am and then Gab from his hse. Went to tackle shop at changi to get live prawn before we hit the beach arnd 7plus. Good, beach not occupied.
All was quite and and there was no drastic movement on our rods. I didn't come with a hopeful heart and thought the day would just end with zero catch again. At 9.25am, sharp eyed Gab startled me suddenly when he spotted dear's spinner shaking violently. All these while I was peeping at him luring hoping to pick some tips as I recently try luring for a change. Mike was a distance away and was totally unaware of the commotion. I sprang to the rod before dear did and striked immediately to claim our prized catch..
It was a tough fight...hand hurts and was very heavy on the other end, I couldn't handle with my limited strength so Mike quickly took over. He got so excited fighting the fish and couldn't stop screaming " GAB! GOT FISH! BIG ONE! I GOT IT!! ARGHH!"
The fish dashed to the right as Mike reeled it closer to the shore. I knew instantly it was not a catfish or stingray because they dun fight in this manner. As Mike landed the fish successfully, we were thrilled it was a GT! And it was even BIGGER than the 1st one we caught!Yeeah!!

Top ring came off..I dunno how I broke it during the fight. But it was worthwhile:D

This fella was already cleaned before weighing so should weigh around 700g initially(I only pass dear the scale following day). Frankly speaking, we thought this GT is at least 1kg because it was really heavy when we held it. Our next aim..1kg or more!
Nice catch dear:D

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