Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's my turn

Lady luck is really smiling on us these days heehee..I caught a 'mum would be happy size' John snapper on the following day we caught GT. Interesting part was,

*I use frozen dead prawn recycled from previous day..
*Lousy recycled dupont leader, line already badly bitten by numerous nasty puffers, too lazy to tie..
*Poor cast, my line sungkuk at rod tip while throwing so was very near to shore..
*My 1st cast of the day!!
The bite was early at 8am. My daiwa spin bended heavily to the right and I was lucky to retrieve my catch quite effortlessly because the panicky snapper had already put up a supposingly long struggle after swallowing my bait and was swimming to the right side of the shore much to my ignorance. I can reel in quite steadily because I think he had already tire himself out while I was goofing around at our resting spot!
When I 1st caught a glimpse of the fish, I thought was a big javelin grunter! I have been hopping to catch an adult size grunter and really thought I got it tis time. Only realised what it was until I recognize the 'orh kee' on the fish. Not bad leh, john snapper!:D

Mike trying to keep my fish alive with the mouth clip

Video of us retrieving snapper to go home

Our malay friend told us to clean scale in water for less mess. It works.

Yeah..I think my snapper heavier than mike's GT heehee sorry dear..but funny, how come the 'orh kee' disappear??

His glorious ending!

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