Friday, September 11, 2009

New tackle shop at bedok

Just want to share about this 3 weeks old tackle shop. Mike discovered this shop and of course we make our way there to 'investigate' further.
Bought quite numbers of things there like weights, handline, and the most worth to mention, my new 5' ft pioneer telescopic rod!
They are quite fully equip despite is a small shop. You can find almost any thing you need for all types of fishing. I am quite amazed to find they provide all sort of baits like sarong, frozen dead fillet and even live prawn! The live prawns are selling for only $2.50/100g if u bring ur own container. We dun hav to feel the pinch to use live prawn anymore heheh..just remember to call them to check stock availability.
Now I know we dun hav to travel far just to get our supplies.

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