Monday, October 19, 2009

My 1st Peacock bass

Spent last weekend at lower pierce reservoir with mike hunting for haruan or any chance of pb. Using my humble $2 light lure I bought from daiso, i was surprised a pb striked almost immediately before I started trawling my lure. I fully understand now why it is favoured by many anglers because this time I finally experienced how fast speed and strength a pb fought to get away. Also couldn't believe how lucky I was to catch one.

Blur pic taken fm my hp (I was grinning ear to ear actually)
Ok I brought home this time because I wonder how cooked pb taste like but will definitely cnr at next round.
Fresh water fishing at reservoir is good alternative to kill instant itch as we are not restricted follow the tide, moon phrase and the much dreaded scorching sun! I am really looking forward to my next pb..