Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prawn fishing at JB Taman Daya

Almost forgot to post this only after I scroll through the pics in my hp.
We travel across the causeway to jb frequently every wkend for various reason like shopping, food, movies, pump petrol and also..PRAWN FISHING!

We were there few times but I did not take any pic because I was too distracted and excited to fish out hp to click haha.. If we are lucky, we can hit a prawn almost every 5mins! For amateurs like us, tt is a far cry to our experience back in spore. The reason that that make us keep going back there is..

1. We are going jb anyway
2. CHEAP RATE at RM15/hr.. comes abt S$6.10 after conversion! 1 hr free if buy 3 hr, thats means S$4.60/hr!
3. Water is clean. Means prawns are happy to bite.
4. Marvelous bait. They give strong springy red beach/rag worm which is iressistable to the prawn!
5. Nice enviroment. Sell drinks, no stench, well ventilated, friendly malaysian who not stingy to give good tips.
6. Most importantly.............boss willing to buy back your prawns for RM20/kg! We will use the $$ to buy more hours heehee. It is very convenient for us as we might not head back home immediately and we don't really like to eat 'tua tao hay' actually

Small cardboard provided for cutting bait

16 Jalan Pinang 23
Taman Daya 81100
Johore Bahru, Malaysia

Park along lane near shop. Unless you know jb road very well if not try use gps to get there.
There is one tackle shop nearby which I fogot the name and we never fail to pop by when prawning.
We still have 3hrs left so dear when can we go there again?


  1. Hi,

    Do you know if the shop is still there? Thinking of going there in July 2010. Pls email me at

  2. hi there, i am interested to visit the above place. please let me know if it is still there! thank you so much! =)

  3. Hi , any idea if this place is still operating?

  4. any idea if this place is still operating?

  5. Hi Jason, sorry for the late reply. I am not very sure as I haven't been there for almost 2 years..maybe you can do a search online to find out; )