Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quiet month..glad todak landed

Assuming the recent killer tremors in indonesia which left thousands killed could have spooked the marine species from feeding in their periodic manner, we have been refraining ourselves from fishing lately and partly because of our friends' reviews who have been fishing inshore & offshore with no good results.
However we still decided to give it a try at our favorite spot and let god decide our fate.
After hours of long wait(I hav already given up), our perseverance finally paid off when mike hooked up a todak with his floater and it was much bigger than our 1st caught. I recalled I was able to coil the previous todak tighly in our small coleman box but for this fella, no way! I kept the todak cold in a plastic bag with an ice pack on our way home later.

 I have decided what to whip out from this fish.. Todak Otak!