Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another fruitful trip...well at least on the 1st day

This event happened last tue but post was held up because all the while I was waiting for dear mike to pass me the photos for this trip. As you see...in fact nearly all the photos in this blog were taken from my LGK750-0.5mega pix phone. My phone died on me on and all pics in mike’s phone.

We have a new kaki this time. We picked up BB at tanah merah mrt before heading to our favorite changi beach again. Sky seems fine on the start but I know from the weather forecast, showers will be expected throughout the day. And that will definitely affect our fishing today. But since we have been planning this trip for some time, we decided to take a risk. I didn’t know what mike was thinking but I kept telling myself to think positive and just enjoy the fun even we might not get any fish this time.

Our bait this time would be dead and live prawn. Ever since I caught a nearly 700g snapper and mike’s 1st GT with these dead prawn, we had since never go fishing without it. Live prawns may seems a favorable bait to use but dead one is just as good sometimes. Through our experience, bait size does matter esp using dead ones, big fish will not bother with small bit of flesh and will rather go after live bait.

It was bad start when reached there. There was some construction going on near our spot and people swimming at the beach…worse still, it started to pour rain! Arghh..why?why?why? However things got a bit better when BB brought us hope after the rain stopped.

BB with his 1st ray
And then 1 chermin came along!
The fight was good and the chemin/diamond trevally shares the same characteristic like GT. They have the tendency to dash to the side in attempt to escape and I thought it was another GT as both also have quite similar body structure. This is the 1st time I had such close up view of the fish...wow so reflective, no wonder it is called 照明 in Chinese.

It was indeed a miracle as this chermin took us by surprise. There were days when we didn’t yield any fish with perfect tide and peaceful surrounding. And this fish was determined to take our live bait despite those interferences. Well I guess we did have a bit of luck that day:)

Mirror Mirror on the wall..

We called it a day at 7pm and sent BB back home to west and headed back to east for our dinner. Mike had this wonderful idea to get a sze char stall to cook our fish. 

The cheif recommend teochew steam
Other dishes to go along

However, luck went away the next day. Nearly all our precious life prawns were stolen by unknown creatures. Mike finally caught the culprit.

No fish that day.


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