Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colmar Tropical - Pahang 2008 Aug 23-25

Decided to post this because it brings back lots of good memories. This budgeted trip to genting, KL & Pahang for 3D2N consist of me and 2 close friends piggy & peru.

Our main interest was actually the Colmar Tropical or 'French Village' at Pahang.
Obviously a tourist spot, it was built with a replica of a city in France called Colmar, which it is said to be the most beautiful city in Europe.
Never mind if we couldn't afford to go to the actual place as Malaysia also got same one lol...

I took this pic
Actual place in france
Looks very similar right? If u look closely, u can see the end bit of malaysia flag in the pic I took. Never mind if u can't tell as some pics later will reveal more tell tale signs haha...

In the coach 1st destination Genting                                                
Believe a lot of u guys have been to this place

What a lovely bed
Living room looks plain
Window scene
I almost feel like I am in Europe

Video of surrounding                

Saw the flag?                                                                  
We hit another tourist spot at a rabbit farm where all the rabbits looked terrified and traumatised I guess by tourists like us haha! The 3 of us got so excited seeing so many fluffs and were going around like picking them up like toy bunnies in toy'r'us! There was also a mini stable where they kept some donkeys for viewing only. Lucky them!

 Piggy trying to stroke donkey

We hauled ourselves out of bed early the 3rd day to have breakfast at this restaurent name Le Blason. Food was not exciting so didn't take any pics. However they have ambiance:) 

Had afternoon tea here. They got nice chocolate croissant:)
Looks like a future golf course with visible bunkers

I hope to re-visit here with Mike in future:)