Monday, December 21, 2009

Rascals for adoption

Hi anyone want to adopt me & my bro nugget??? My name is Rascal, we r both boys, dwarf sapphire & almost 3 wks old

My pair of pearl white dwarf hammy gave birth to 5 pugs on 02/12/09.
Pearl white gal - 1 (keeping)
Sapphire gal - 1 (keeping)
Sapphire boy - 3 (keeping 1)

Due to space limit & mum's constant nagging, I sadly have to part 2 boys away. They are very healthy and eating very well(er..means greedy). They are very tamed nw as I play with them alot & are used to humans contact. They will crawl to my palm to beg for food when I open the cage door during meal times.

Gal name is Chermin & I am keeping her
Handsome daddy niuniu

Mummy Cotton feeding her pugs
2 weeks old
Eyes opened on the 12th day
Already mischievous on 11th day
8 days old Chermin
6 days old
3 days old
Thank you!

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