Friday, November 26, 2010

Angling and Outdoor Recreational Fair 2010

Sorry guys, this event at Petaling Jaya is already over and I came late to post it. It was a sudden decision we made at one of the weekend in jb. Manage to take some pics to show u guys what was going on there.

This fair was organized by Rod & Line fishing magazine and I was a bit disappointed to find this fair turned out more like an exhibition instead as most exhibits of 90% are not for sale. As expected, you find well liked brands like Shimano, Daiwa, Penn where they also display their higher end series. I can't comment much as I am still an amateur angler with very little knowledge. We got some freebies from tear out coupons from the mag we bought. U guys take a look..

Nice window display

Rod testing

Will fish like garlic flavored lure??

Bought some lures at very good price

I had a go with the paper net

Not for sale

It 's a pity we didn't win anything

Mike bought the catalog and gave me the cap!

Casting demo

The only singapore car apart from us

Freebies (except Ofmer lures & mags)

Although we did only little shopping, this fair was exhilarating and indeed an eye opener for both of us. I thought mike was crazy when he suggested going to the fair on  sunday in jb. I was so against the idea as it was a working day tomorrow and was already like 1pm. We have to consider many factors like traffic jam or whether we can find our way there in time..PJ is like somewhere in Selangnor right?? It seems far to me lol..Anyway I am so glad we made it with the help of our 'sometime not so trusty' gps phone :) Certainly quite an experience!

Will be posting some cr soon :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GT for lunch

Had this for lunch today. This is the 1st time my mum bought GT from the fish stall. She tried golden & bumpnose but never before a GT. I am not a fish fan but still took abit to try for the sake of past fishing memories. Fish very fresh and taste like golden but thought it  wud be better in curry form. The last GT we caught was at changi beach which we had so much fun out of it. I don't think we can get another one at same spot for now becus of the recent oil spillage. Really miss fishing there..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giant Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

Mike was suppose to write this as I wasn't sure what to write becus I was absent in this trip. However he was caught up with so much work lately so I'll do it instead.

I have no tinker toots on what's going on there or what to write exactly. All I noe it was supposed to be a business trip to bangkok..but with the itch attack, he sneaked out early morning before his first meeting in afternoon. He was recommended by the hotel concierge a popular fishing pond at Bungsamran Lake which is famous for their giant mekong catfish & giant Siamese carp. He took a cab which took him nearly 1 hr to the fishing pond and with NO FISHING EQUIPMENTS with him. On top of that, he was in his sleeping attire (T-shirts & shorts)...u see, the fishing plan was not intended and it was really a last minute decision.

All pics were taken from his blackberry phone so pls excuse us for the low quality shoot.

At the counter                                                                       

All equips were rented
He needed help from the staff becus the fish was so heavy

He had a guide with him so everything was well prepared.
He landed 5 giant mekong catfish in total with the heaviest fish at 26kg! He cud barely hold up the fish for proper photo session becus he was so exhausted from the fight with knees shaking and arms aching badly..

Despite the fact fighting these monsters had left him with sored limbs & back for days, I know he truly enjoyed this totally new experience with pic evidence of him holding his 'trophies' with face bursting with great pride & joy.. wish I was there ;>

Found a link which gives more info on this place.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do u know this cat?

Ok I know type like this loitering in your void deck are common.
This cat actually is under the care of a old granny at a fishing tackle shop at changi village. Anyone who frequent this tackle shop should know this cat. I cudn't help but to notice this cat is always lurking around either for a good scratch or warm comfortable spot to booze. I once saw her challenge other cats in the neighborhood at night.

Is it a cat's nature to sleep in the day and create havoc at night? I took this pic last weekend..she got to be drained from last night victory or sleeping to boost up stamina for the night...maybe granny should stop feeding her those boring dry pellets as I think the cat is already sick of it. Thats why kitty go berserk at night. Hah, I really dunno..

Why am I talking about cats now?? I just love cats, that simple. I love to feel their warm soft body and enjoy cuddling them on my lap. During my younger days, I used to bring home stray cats to play and sent them back to void deck before my mum finds out. As you mum can only tolerate small sized creature like fluffy hamsters or cute mice in the house..sigh..

Back to cats, they are actually devoted pets that are affectionate and loving to their owners. However, some people think that cats are haughty creatures that show little affection(dear u noe who I am referring to). This is however not very true. I have known some cats who are very attention seeking and even get very jealous when their owner got themselves new pets.

Quick Cat Fact 
Studies show that petting a cat is good for your health and can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

I know I might not convince some hardcore cat haters or members from ACS(Anti Cats Society) still.. I leave it to u guys, I'll stick to mine.

One nice pic below to maybe soften your heart.
Just look at their eyes...

Some day, some how, I gonna lay my hands on one of these kitties once I have my own space. I vow to get one +_____+