Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back after a long break

t has been some time since I had my last post and I am back again. My absence doesn't mean I have not been fishing lately, I will always try not to miss any fishing opportunity heheh..I am always thinking about fishing at any time of the day and can you imagine even when I am slumbering.

Thinking of that, I have almost given up my other hobbies like baking, craft work & cooking just to fork out more time on fishing ever since I started this new hobby with mike. My only regret is why have we not started this interest earlier! Well..it is still never too late to start. As I look back our past fishing encounters, we were amateurs (in fact still am now:>) and were even so happy catching small fishes! I recalled how happy I was getting my first catch although it was a small pathetic slimmy catfish! We were so inexperienced way before and so glad we learnt a lot through our mistakes by picking up tips from other anglers

For the past few months, we went to a Johor Bahru fishing pond and really like it there.
The surrounding is very peaceful and the kampong style makes one very relaxing to fish. You can catch quite a variety of fishes like Kim, grouper, snapper, golden promfret etc and I can tell you they are of good sizes. The other highlight is, you dun need to burn a big hole in your pocket for this place. Price here is way much cheaper, luv this place :D

My 1st wolf herring

My rod secs before the wolf herring striked
In case you wonder why on earth a saitoh/wolf herring appearing in a fishing pond, let me tell you why..I heard this salty guy must have slipped through the dam when the staffs were changing or letting in the sea water. That means there could be other marine species dwelling here as well! Good:) But this is the only interesting creature I caught so far..

Mike's small kim

Then his biggest kim

We usually bring our catch to a nearby seafood restaurant call Todak to cook it. The prices there are very reasonable and have a wide range of seafood. Imaging a plate of sambal lala or tua tao for only RM10! Please do not expect No Sighboard or Long beach standard it will be definitely better than any good sze char stall you find around in singapore. What I especially like about eating at Todak is you are able to receive singapore signal like starhub or m1 there because the restaurant is somewhere near sembawang port. So we usually make our calls or sms while having dinner there, really nice :)
I couldn't find pics of those delicious dishes I took so unable to post it. Go t this website for interesting writeup and wonderful pics. You will know what I mean:)

Restaurant entrance

Fried kim

Fried wolf herring (saitoh)

These were cooked at other restaurant in JB which is famous for their herbal roasted duck.

Todak Restaurant(Orang Asli)
Business Hour : 11:30am-11:30pm
Address : No.1, Orang Asli, Telok Jawa, Masai, 81750 JB
Tel : 07-3863696
Website : www.rest-todak.com.my

For those who are keen on the fishing pond, I am not able to obtain an exact address details from them(the staffs there don't even know omg!) because u see the place is really quite ulu..

As the todak restaurant is in fact very near to the pond I suggest you find out from people at restaurant on how to get there exactly. I am road dummy and lucky mike is good at it. I remember we managed to get there initially after asking a villager ah peh for direction:).

I will back for more cr :>

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  1. I had been there on 12-06-2010(Sunday).
    indeed, the scenic is beautiful and the seafood is fresh. But the taste is just lower then average(10 point I'll give them 4 point)! It took 20 minutes to waiting the waitress to come to take order. 1st dish arriving is 40 minutes after we ordered. So, we took 1 hour to waiting for our dinner since we sit on the chair(if the food is good, it's worth the wait)!! Asking for add water to the tea pot the waiter and waitress just act like see no body....So, i do it by myself!! after 3rd dish is serve(1st dish to 3rd dish took around 20min)then only the rice is coming(in between have been asking for rice more than 5 times)!
    the concussion is, no more next time for me!