Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giant Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

Mike was suppose to write this as I wasn't sure what to write becus I was absent in this trip. However he was caught up with so much work lately so I'll do it instead.

I have no tinker toots on what's going on there or what to write exactly. All I noe it was supposed to be a business trip to bangkok..but with the itch attack, he sneaked out early morning before his first meeting in afternoon. He was recommended by the hotel concierge a popular fishing pond at Bungsamran Lake which is famous for their giant mekong catfish & giant Siamese carp. He took a cab which took him nearly 1 hr to the fishing pond and with NO FISHING EQUIPMENTS with him. On top of that, he was in his sleeping attire (T-shirts & shorts)...u see, the fishing plan was not intended and it was really a last minute decision.

All pics were taken from his blackberry phone so pls excuse us for the low quality shoot.

At the counter                                                                       

All equips were rented
He needed help from the staff becus the fish was so heavy

He had a guide with him so everything was well prepared.
He landed 5 giant mekong catfish in total with the heaviest fish at 26kg! He cud barely hold up the fish for proper photo session becus he was so exhausted from the fight with knees shaking and arms aching badly..

Despite the fact fighting these monsters had left him with sored limbs & back for days, I know he truly enjoyed this totally new experience with pic evidence of him holding his 'trophies' with face bursting with great pride & joy.. wish I was there ;>

Found a link which gives more info on this place.


  1. I never been there b4 but i hope next year i m able to give that place a visit kekeke.

  2. its one of my dreams to visit that place one time...kekeke

  3. Now it is also one of my dream to visit there esp after reading the website :)