Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prawning at D Kranji farm 26 Nov 2011

Gave up patin fishing today..better luck at prawning. I caught 24 wth 3hrs which is cosidered not bad for my standard lol..

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The wait is over

It is over. This whopper marks the end of our long years of wait, faith, hopes & dreams.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My 1st Patin finally!

I caught my very 1st patin yesterday at Kranji Farm Resort fishing pond using a pole fishing method. I The concept very interesting as you only pay $4 for a 5-6 feet rod (without reel) with a 6 pound line and small hook tied to it using bread dough. There is no time restriction so you can stop any time you want and and hook up as many fish you can as long the line don't snap. I paid only $8 in total which I think is a good deal. I wasn't very familiar in the start and exerted too much pressure at the 1st hook up and snapped my line. I gradually understand the tactic by observing the rest that that you should play or move along with the fish and slowly tire it out and bring it up steadily.The rule is you have to do it all by yourself without 2nd party's aid. It is ok if you pass the rod to someone and let him/her bring up the fish. No netting allowed of course.

I was very hopeful when I tied my 2nd line for a 2nd try. My heart freezed when I felt a taut again..I gave a sturdy pull and VOILAH  I got it!! The hook was set and I can see a nice size patin attached. Determined to get it this time, I calm myself and steadily played with it for a while before I had it landed. As I have never handle a patin before, I passed the rod to Mike so he can help me hold the fish by the tail to land it safely.

The one I caught weighs 1.4kg and Mike caught a 1.9kg not long after me. He too snapped twice so both of us spent a good $16 in total. What a gd price:)

There is a restaurant next to the pond and we were told to have our fish prepared there. We waited nearly an hour for the food to serve as the restaurant was crowded during the weekend. The fish was steamed with fried 'cai por' (pickled radish) as recommended by the pond owner and it taste wonderful. I am not a fish lover so I didn't eat much as I can detect a slight muddy taste. Mike whipped it out in the end.

Mike's patin

My catch cooked at he restaurant
Mike's curry patin for sunday lunch!

I highly recommend this place if you want a cheap and fast thrill. The only draw back is it is considered far for those staying east area and only 1 type of fish which is patin. But I think it is still worth coming in the end.

Kranji Farm Resort
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Singapore 718813

I lost the contact number the pond owner gave me. I will get it later as I am going there to try my luck again in an hour's time. My dad was fascinated as I told him about this place and wish to tag along this time. Wish me luck!!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Phuket Fishing Trip 19th-23th Dec

While I've been silent on blogger, I was looking for free video editing software to edit my videos so to save you guys from wasting time viewing boring intervals scenes of me fighting the fish pathetically (my inexperience & weak stamina to blame). Previously I was too dependent on my trusty LG phone video editor but it died on me one day. I have no software to work now :( I tried downloading free from the internet but none of them works for me as it is too complicated or they got this irritating words on top of the video I've edited asking u you to buy their full version..sigh..I gave up and decide to buy a proper software now. Hope to upload the videos real soon.

Ok this post is going to mark a memorable milestone of my entire fishing achievement..I was feeling really excited before the trip as I have not gone to a foreign water to fish before (not mentioning JB). We thought having a dec holiday oversea and having able to fish would be a perfect plan. We set our mind on Phuket as we have never been there before and wanted to explore this beautiful island.

Right after flight & accommodation has been settled, I began to hear many negative comments about friends complaining poor results they got at Phuket. The Sam Hui look alike guy from changi pro tackle shop said the same too..Now this really freak me out. Is it that bad??!!? What about those good comments and nice pics of tourists holding their prized catch I surfed on net? Fake? I was skeptical was thinking will I get BIG FAT ZERO instead of BIG FAT FISH! So daunting!!? Follow on, I began to worry on issues like getting sun-burn, mis-packing our tackle tools, missing out odd bits & bobs..etc.  Fortunately this trip proved to be fruitful and it was really enjoyable as we caught buckets and trays of tunas and other assortment species lol!

We didn't do much on the 1st day, just browsing whats nearby our hotel and finding nice restaurant to settle our dinner. We stayed in Club Adaman Beach Resort at patong beach and as expected bustling with tourists and countless tour agencies. Also booked a small game fishing package for next day through a very friendly tour agent named Pla who we later became good friends. After dinner, we went straight back to our hotel to turn in early and fully recharge for our 'big day' tomorrow lol! I heard there are many species available in andaman sea such as Tuna, Dorado, Rainbow, Sailfish, King Mackerel, Whahoo, GT & various Marline. Oh boy I can't wait!!!

Day 2  - Fishing at Andaman Sea/ Racha Yai Island- --
Our itinerary -
- 8.30am : Pick us from hotel
- 9am : Depart from ao chalong bay
- 9.30am : Get on boat and start trolling
- 10.30am : Arrive Rachai Yai island's fishing point
- 12pm : Lunch, snorkeling and exploring coral reef. (I did not snorkel but Mike did. I continue fishing on my light tackle. Hey I caught a regular size sweet lip and coral trout!)
- 2.30pm : Left coral reef and continue trolling back to ao chalong pier
- 4.30pm : Arrive at ao chalong bay
- 5pm : Transfer back to hotel

We shared the boat with a swedish man named Mats and it was really fun having him :) Hi Mats viewing my blog now?

I think it is a senator, correct me if I am wrong
Mr Viking with his huge Barracuda
Found a baby remora stuck to the barracuda
Lunching off knees in case of screaming reels