Monday, January 16, 2012

Prawning at D'Kranji Farm 14th Jan 2012

Well you can tell I really like prawn fishing as I had 2 posts continuously.  Prawning is really fuss free. You don't worry about things like using own equipments or transporting your catch back because you can decide to cook and eat it there. Sometimes I just gave up my catch to somebody if I got plans later.
Went again last sat. Used left over 3hrs balance from previous time. Me & mike had a rod each for 2hrs..bit rate was ok and we caught 30 prawns. The boss was friendly enough to offer us some baby guppies to use as bait when Mike asked him for some. Haha lucky!I like the way how mike set up the fire for the prawn. He must have pickup the skill during his scouting days.
It was fun seeing all the prawns got cooked so quickly..i ended up having too much prawn that i got sick on my last few..but the meat was good and I thought this would be the best way to cook it.

Doesn't look many right? But it was really 30 there.

Nice fire


  1. Hi great to see you updating your blog again :)

  2. Yep..been busy wth work & studies. Thks for viewing & following my blog

  3. Hi Alan this is mike. Let go fishing together sometime!

  4. Hi mike sorry for late reply was busy too :) btw you can reach me at 96938757