Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prawning at D'Kranji 10 Mar 2012

Seems like today is a gd day to prawn. Got 45 prawns in 3hrs wth 2 rods. It was raining when we arrived and the rain got heavier but we cud'nt care much and got started right away. Funny the prawns seem to enjoy the rain and we striked almost immediately. We started around 5pm ended till 8pm. A couple friend Jinlong & KayE came to join us (lucky..if not how the 2 of us gonna eat so many prawn) and we tried our hands at the $4 patin pond but wth no luck:) An indian guy who fish there gave us one of his patin and we thought of cooking the fish at the nearby restaurant. Walked there but to realise the kitchen is closed:( We had no choice but to return the fish to that kind indian guy..he is still there trying to get more patin..

We ended the day having our late dinner back at east side. So tired already..the day ended well:)

Rude prawn..

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