Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hai Bin Punggol Prawning 06 Apr 2012

One man operation today....Mike is still in Shenzhen, coming back at midnight. Can't wait anymore so I went prawning by myself. Took bus no.3 which took me abt 45mins and alighted at punggol field then walk a mere 5mins to the venue. I followed the direction from google app in my galaxy s2 and was surprised how reliable it is..hee hee.
It was abt 3.15pm when I reached the place and it was already packed with people by then, probably due to public holiday today. I found an empty slot and quickly dump my bag at the chair to `reserve' the spot and went to the counter to buy the hours. Paid $33 for 3 hours + $2 on worm bait. Caught 13 prawns in total which I find is considered bad catch rate. It was ok in the begining but I don't know why the prawns stop biting half way through.:( Anyway it was fun and I caught 2 very big prawns (refer pics later).
Already this packed when I arrived

New tiger prawn pond

Can u find where the prawn is?

Visible patin..surprised not many people playing at the patin pond..

Quite impressed with this beer dispenser

Just next to the pond

Also got pool

Long queue..must come and try next time
Display tank
Big vs small
Total catch 13 only!
All trimmed & ready for cooking!

Ta daa~~~(Caught those little crab myself too lol..)

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