Sunday, April 8, 2012

Punggol Prawning again 08 Apr 2012

Erm..i went to the same punggol pond myself again. Haven't been to the same prawning spot twice in a week for a long time actually. The temptation to go back there was too strong so left my poor niece by herself with my mum after lunch. My sis out shopping wth bro in law and I got my mum to get up from her afternoon nap to look after her. Assigned my niece some coloring task and sneaked away. Took a cab down to the pond with guilty..poor niece.Callie if you happen to read this post, now u know why I made you colour so many pics..
It was fruitful and i caught more than double I got from previous trip hahah..

What a sight..
Btw.. patin pond was packed today. Numerous fish were hauled up continuously like crazy. I would have give a go if mike was here with time maybe

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