Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fishing at Big Splash@ East Coast

Had some light fishing at a nearby Jetty. Caught nothing but some bait fish. Packed up and left around 11plus as the sun got too unbearable. Also tried our luck at the paypond near the carpark. We paid $14 each for a sure catch rod. No luck wth the salt water pond so both of us switched to the freshwater side. See pics below, Mike caught a 2 kilo plus pacu while I caught a catfish (ikan keli).

Below are those little bait fish caught at the jetty.  Gonna keep it for future use..btw we released the beautiful diamond wrass. Oh yes, I almost caught a large flower crab but it got off my hook just before I could land it..urghhh!

It was only after 10pm Mike was able to reach home to clean the fish from the ice box. Guess what? ? The catfish is still alive!!!!!!!?????

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